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Short | 17 min | Drama | a film by Caatje van Leeuwen

A Syrian refugee, struggling to hold on to her identity, must manoeuvre her way through the paralyzing Dutch bureaucratic system.

Step by Step is a short drama made by immigrants and refugees, currently residing in The Netherlands. The film was made possible due to an initiative by WeenerXL and WSD, two organisations that help them navigate through the Dutch immigration system. Director Caatje van Leeuwen and Producer Veerle Ackerstaff from Break Free Films have combined forces to train this group in the art of filmmaking and have involved them in every stage of the production; from writing the script, to starring in the lead roles, to graphic design and composing the music. Every aspect of this story is based on true events. The cast and crew have also been introduced to the film industry in The Netherlands and are continuing to make progress as makers

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Line Producer
Sound Design & Music


Caatje van Leeuwen

Caatje van Leeuwen

Veerle Ackerstaff

Veerle Ackerstaff

Suzanne Lauwen

Casper van Oort

Maxime Pottuit

Luke Davies

Ahmad Ashram

Nivin Baranbo

Ahmad Ashram

Dorette Kipperman

Salma el Monajed

Carlos Griman

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