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Series  |  6 episodes of 25 min  |  Comedy  |  a series by Eva Crutzen

In BODEM we follow the destructive life of the 37 year old Cat. People around her are worried. Cat isn’t. Due to a major loss within the family, which is largely not talked about, there is hardly any mention of a stable household. Her mother regularly suffers from panic attacks. As a self-appointed coach, her father devoted himself to writing self-help books. Meanwhile, just about everyone around Cat is reproducing, getting promoted and settling down. While she feels like they are all trying hysterically to be seen, she does everything she can to disappear as much as possible. Disappearing into the night, under water, in her head.

Written and directed by Eva Crutzen. Including Eva Crutzen, Meral Polat, Lindsay de Zwaan, Steef de Bot, Leopold Witte, Marieke Heebink, Lineke Rijxman, Nils Verkooijen

Thumbnail: © Topkapi Series | Tom Bakker




Director of Photography

Production Design


Costume Design

Make-up & Hair

Sound Design


Creative Consultant

Executive Producer





Eva Crutzen

Meral Polat

Steef de Bot

Nils Verkooijen

Leopold Witte

Marieke Heebink

Lineke Rijxman

Lindsay Zwaan

Job Castelijn

Tom Bakker

Rosa van Gils

Annelies van Woerden

Lara Schellekens

Ivette van Luijk

Jos van Galen

Lieuwe Roonder

Eva Crutzen

Tim Kamps

Veerle Ackerstaff

Caatje van Leeuwen

Robert Kievit

Eva Crutzen

Laurette Schillings

Frans van Gestel

Arnold Heslenfeld

Eva Crutzen

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